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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 01/09/14


English: Beau Brummel (1924) film poster.

English: Beau Brummel (1924) film poster. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If people turn to look at you in the street you are not well dressed.”   —   Beau Brummel

(Well, isn’t that dandy?  And, I always thought it was because I’m so handsome!  I think, today, it all depends on what street you’re on too.  Certainly, there’s still plenty of truth to the quote, but time has taken its toll on it.  Be well and do good, friends.  I don’t care how you dress.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Spoiler – 01/09/14

The Birds

The Birds (Photo credit: Christopher.Michel)

Visual Description:  Difficult duty at the aviary.


Clue/Question:  Feeding the hawks, vultures and owls at the zoo was sometimes – – –

Alfred Hitchcock

Cover of Alfred Hitchcock


(Can you hear the groans, people??  They’re awfully loud today!  All tried and true Jumble clue words today.  The jumbling was splendid, but I didn’t struggle with any of them today.  The answer letter layout was nicely cryptic, but the cartoon set up the gag so as you didn’t really have to think about it all that hard.  I don’t think that I would care for that job!  Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” left a strong impression on me, as a kid.  I wonder if they’re still doing that 3-D bit at Universal Studios?  I loved taking my kids to that!  Aahh, the good ol’ days!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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