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Jumble Spoiler – 06/28/12

Photograph showing the hooks of a piece of Vel...

Photograph showing the hooks of a piece of Velcro. Taken using a web camera in macro mode. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Visual Description:  Great moments in commercial history!


Clue/Question:  George de Mestral patented Velcro in 1955 because he didn’t want to get this.



Interface (Photo credit: cbmd)

(There’s a lot to like in today’s Jumble!  The clue words were all jumbled very well.  I had the most difficulty with “floppy”.  I didn’t have to write it out, but it did take some thought.  As it turns out, “floppy” is also going to be a new addition to the ralis95 clue word database!  I like the word “flick”.  I don’t think we’ve seen it used in the Jumble in quite a while.  Welcome back, “flick”!  LOL!  The answer letter layout was super.  Nothing given.  You just had to understand the nature of Velcro in order to get today’s answer.  From the one comment I’ve seen, so far today, it might not have been obvious to everyone.  The cartoon was very informative.  Burdock burs were de Mestral’s inspiration for inventing Velcro.  I have loads of experience removing them from my dogs’ coats!  Nice job, guys!  That’s it, folks.  I spent too much time opining on today’s cryptoquote, so I’m going to cut this a little shorter today.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 06/28/12

English: Conservative Party poster from 1909, ...

English: Conservative Party poster from 1909, in which socialism represented by the beast, is choking Britannia.How the Tories saw the socialist menace in 1909. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”   —   Henry Ford

English: Henry Ford on the cover of Time Magaz...

English: Henry Ford on the cover of Time Magazine, January 14, 1935. Copyrights on this issue were not renewed. See wikisource:Time (magazine). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Sounds like there was a strong socialist side to Mr. Ford!  The words “socialist” and “socialism” have been heavily demonized by the conservative right, particularly over the last four years.  They’ve been bashing/demonizing the word “liberal” for a much longer time.  But, now that there is a so-called “liberal” in the White House, the right feels right at home dropping the “S” bomb at every proverbial drop of a hat.  Language is funny that way.  Connotations change.  Back in the ’60s and ’70s, with all the – still then – young Baby Boomers, and the prevalent “Hippy” mentality/movement, the word “conservative” was the word to use to insult someone.  It meant – implied actually – that you were a fuddy-duddy, reactionary, or a crank, who was incapable of change.  And, in terms of racial equality, it also implied you were likely a racist.  For the gender and sexual preference issues, it implied you were likely a “male chauvinist” – maybe even a misogynist – and a homophobe.  In those days, the wise republicans avoided that word like the plague!  Today, because of the resurgence of the right, the words “conservative” and “conservatism” are now worn as badges of honor.  We’re supposed to associate these words with responsibility, tradition and virtue.  The tables have been turned.  So, as times change language implications change.  Thinking people today don’t fear the “L” word and the “S” bomb, anymore than thinking people back then did the “C” word.  So don’t sweat it, folks.  It’s not the first time around for the demonization of socialism.  This kind of societal linguistic hysteria is impermanent.  Be well, do good . . . and think things through, friends.)   —   YUR

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