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Jumble Spoiler – 06/04/12

octopus vulgaris

octopus vulgaris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Visual Description:  Proof that aliens exist!


Clue/Question:  The octopus was this after seeing that a squid had taken over his home.

Answer:  UP IN ARMS

(Very good.  Almost cute.  Although cephalopods always kind of freak me out.  They just seem so otherworldly.  I think I’ve also been influenced by Sinbad type movies and old Popeye cartoons.  They got eight arms . . . with sucker thingies!  They squirt ink, like some kind of underwater skunk!  And, they got blue blood!  I won’t mess with them.  I won’t even eat calamari.  Fishy tasting rubber bands.   ‘Cause when the mother-ship comes for them, I don’t want NO trouble.

All the clue words were jumbled well, today.  We have two new words to add to the ralis95 clue word database, in “sprain” and “unsure”.  And, the answer letter layout was fantastic.  It made me think of Hawaii!  Jeff’s cartoon, though, is a riot!  Sponge Bob’s neighbor, Squidward, is on the tube.  The squid is holding the remote and a couple of cans of . . . whatever.  A nice little tribute to Jeff’s Detroit Red Wings, too.  Is this supposed to be Al’s house?  Better luck next year, Jeff . . . and Al.  And the octopus literally has his arms up!  Lots of fun.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

PS.  Vulgaris is right!      YUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 06/04/12

English: Master Zhuang and a frog.

English: Master Zhuang and a frog. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life comes from the earth and life returns to the earth.”   —   Zhuangzi

Research Association of Laozi Taoist Culture

Research Association of Laozi Taoist Culture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Wise man, that Zhuangzi.  If he were around today he might continue this quote with:  but the greedy man sucks the life out of the earth.  Be well, do good . . . don’t suck, friends!)   —   YUR

PS.  As with so many Chinese names, there are seven or eight variations on Zhuangzi.  With this in mind, I can’t say for certain if this is the first of his quotes used in the Cryptoquote, since I’ve been spoiling them.  It’s definitely the first with this spelling.   —   YUR

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