(Yon) Jumble Spoiler – 04/23/12

Shakespeare's Birthplace in Stratford Upon Avo...

Shakespeare's Birthplace in Stratford Upon Avon. The house is heavily renovated but the stone floor is the same floor that William Shakespeare would have walked on. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Visual Description:  Young Will and friends frolicking in Stratford-upon-Avon.


Clue/Question:  When Shakespeare was a child, he liked to do this.



This was long thought to be the only portrait ...

This was long thought to be the only portrait of William Shakespeare that had any claim to have been painted from life, until another possible life portrait, the Cobbe portrait, was revealed in 2009. The portrait is known as the 'Chandos portrait' after a previous owner, James Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos. It was the first portrait to be acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in 1856. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(It’s always fun when the guys tailor their puzzles to significant days in history.  William Shakespeare died on this day – April the 23rd – in 1616, and many believe he was also born this same day, in 1564.  There were no official birth certificates in those days, and it’s not like he was royalty, or anything.  Anyhow, he was baptized on April the 26, so maybe it was common to be baptized within a few days, back then.  Ahdoansnow!  It just sounds kinda cool to say he died on his birthday, I guess.  For those of you who can’t be bothered doing the math, he was exactly – allegedly – 52 years old when he died.  Not all that old, even for those days, and the cause of death remains a mystery to this day.

No new clue words today, but they were all jumbled well.  I got the first three at a glance, but had to think a bit to get “abrupt”.  It’s a great word, if not a little on the unusual side.  And, of course, words starting with vowels are always a little tougher to come up with.  The answer letter layout was once again masterful!  If I wasn’t able to figure things out from the elements of the cartoon, I don’t think I could have solved it by the answer letter layout alone.  By the way, lots of neat attention to detail in the drawing.  The bowl-cut haircuts on the boys, the puffy sleeved shirts, the pointy hat on the girl, the thatched roof and the wooden shutters, and the make-shift stage.  All great stuff!

That is all.  Be well and doeth good, mine friends.)   —   YUR

4 Responses to “(Yon) Jumble Spoiler – 04/23/12”

  1. 1 Lesley April 23, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    “Never was there a tale of more woe than that of Juliet and her Romeo.” And never was there a more modern tale of woe than that of Jumble fans and words that start with vowels!!! Okay, it doesn’t rhyme, but you get the point. I had to cheat and look at the first letter of ABRUPT. Tough one…real tough one. Alas, the solution finally came into focus. Now I’m in the mood to go watch the Zeffirelli production of “Romeo and Juliet”-1968.

  2. 2 unclerave April 24, 2012 at 8:44 am


    Olivia Hussey was just a baby when she made that! I think I was *forced* to watch that, either in junior high (middle school) or high school, in some English class. Required reading in New York state, back in the day, at least. I always preferred West Side Story. Even though the idea of gangs breaking out into to song and dance is fairly ridiculous, I always dug it. The whole urban/NYC scene, with an ethnic gang and a hodge-podge gang, and just about every song being completely singable . . . and memorable.

    Anyway, I hope you were able to watch the Zeffirelli production, and enjoyed it.

    Sometime last week, I was channel-surfing, and I came upon the 1996 version with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. It was either one of the Cinemax or HBO channels. It was already well underway, so I just watched a few minutes of it, but it looked pretty good. Modern day setting and costumes, but the original Shakespearean dialogue. We did something similar in college, back in 1975, with Two Gentlemen of Verona. That was my first college production. There were more parts than cast members, so I ended up playing 3 or 4 – it was a LONG time ago – different roles. Good times! You have a way of bring up fun memories, kid!

    — YUR

  3. 3 Lesley April 24, 2012 at 11:49 am


  4. 4 LindaLee April 27, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    Enjoyed the history lesson here — would not have know it was Shakespeare’s anniversaries. Picked up on play — then thought the answer was going to be more writerish — finally came up with outside! There it was in the picture, he was outside playing!

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