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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 04/03/12

Publicity photo of some M*A*S*H cast members f...

Publicity photo of some M*A*S*H cast members for show premiere in 1972-Loretta Swit, Alan Alda, McLean Stevenson and Wayne Rogers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like the word *indolence*.  It makes my laziness seem classy.”   —   Bern Williams

(I almost attributed this to Vern Williams.  I’m not really familiar with either of the two gentlemen, but I like the quote.  It sounds like something Hawkeye Pierce would say.  Be well, do good, and don’t be indolent, friends.)   —   YUR

Jumble Spoiler – 04/03/12

060208-N-3153C-088 Culver City, Calif. - Telev...

060208-N-3153C-088 Culver City, Calif. - Television game show “Wheel of Fortune” hosted military members during a recent taping in support of the Armed Forces. Service members from various branches of the U.S. military participated in the show that will air the week of April 3, 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Visual Description:  Really Retro Wheel of Fortune!


Clue/Question:  It didn’t take long for Sajak to get hosting a TV game show . . .

Answer:  DOWN PAT

(Look at these fabulous prizes!  I think that’s how the voice-over announcer use to – many, many moons ago – open the show.  That was so long ago, it’s hard to even remember if Pat and Vanna were a part of that format.  I definitely remember Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford in the days of the shopping rounds.  As someone who loves word games, and doesn’t care much for shopping, I was glad when they eliminated the shopping rounds.  It meant that they could play a lot more games!  Yeah, the current format is so much better.  You know Your Uncle Rave would just kill on that show!  Some days I’m a total savant!

Great cartoon, Jeff.  Pretty decent Pat Sajak, but no Vanna!  You couldn’t have squeezed her in there, somewhere . . . maybe in the back???  Too crowded, huh?  Well, I think – now – Ms. White deserves her own Jumble, somewhere down the road.  She’s every bit as iconic as Pat.  The clue words were all jumbled nicely.  Only “sandal” is new to the ralis95 database.  The answer letter layout was good too, but even before looking at the cartoon, I figured that the first word was either TOWN or DOWN.  Over all, not exactly a challenging puzzle, but it was still fun.  I enjoy the ones that deal with TV or movies. 

That’s about it, folks.  Sorry this is so late.  Went to a job fair today.  Ehh!  We’ll see . . . I guess.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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