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Jumblem Spoiler – 08/27/11


Image via Wikipedia

Visual Description:  Morning of the Unceased Deceased.


Clue/Question:  He couldn’t keep the fact that he was a zombie a secret because he was a . . .


(I liked today’s Jumble, a lot!  Great cartoon!  Great scrambled clue words!  Non-obvious answer letter layout.  And, a fun little pun!  I don’t think anything was all that tough, but the whole thing just works!  Thirty miles NW of NYC we are, more or less, experiencing the calm before the storm.  We’ve had some light to moderate rain, off and on, throughout the day, but nothing big and no real wind . . . yet.  We will see how this whole thing plays out, starting in the next hour or two, or three.  All of you in Irene’s path, please be careful!  As I write this, it sounds as though the rain might be . . . never mind,  just a brief downpour.  Be well, friends.)   —   YUR

PS.  REMINDER TO ANY OF YOU NEWBIES:  Whenever Yer Uncle Rave NEEDS  your help on any of these puzzles he WILL ASK FOR IT.  I ain’t all that proud, folks.  When I’m stumped I admit it.  Please refrain from sending in YOUR solutions.  AFTER I’ve posted the spoiler, please feel free to correct me, or comment on the puzzle or my commentary . . . or current events, the weather, whatever.  

Warm Regards,  

The Management

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 08/26/11

US Navy 070604-N-7981E-113 Dr. Gene Griessman ...

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Look over your shoulder now and then to be sure that someone’s following you.”   —   Henry Gilmer

(I could find nothing on this author.  This might not be his full name, and it’s likely that he’s still alive.  I’m thinking that he might be some kind of motivational speaker, or something.  This quote might sound like a contradiction to Satchel Paige‘s famous quote: “Don’t look back.  Something might be gaining on you.”  But, it comes from a completely different context.  Satchel’s comes from a running/sports perspective, where any distraction could cost you dearly.  But, Mr. Gilmer’s comes from a marching/leading angle, where you might think most/many are with you, when in reality you could just be Whistling Dixie!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

(A Get Outta Town?) Jumble Spoiler – 08/26/11

Brit Bits

Image by jbspec7 via Flickr

Visual Description:  “Hurry In!” sale at the auto dealership.


Clue/Question:  When the dealer lowered the prices on the sports cars, they . . .

Answer:  WENT FAST

(I enjoyed all of the clue words!  They were all well-scrambled, but I was able to get them very quickly today.  This would be a good one for Richard to come in with a sentence that uses all the words.  I really like “thwart”, and I used to like “pundit” . . . until just about everybody became one.  But for me, today’s answer was super obvious.  No fault of the answer letter layout!  It just wasn’t that much of a challenge today.  If you’re in, or are going to be in, the path of hurricane Irene please take all necessary precautions.  I was out fairly early this morning, getting things that we needed anyway, and I feel like I avoided the rush.  Everybody keep their fingers crossed that we don’t lose a chunk of the Washington Monument!  Apparently, Tuesday’s earthquake put some significant cracks in it, and officials are worried.  Check in with the elderly and the shut-ins, and try to have some kind of communication plan for your family and loved ones.  Take care, friends!)   —   YUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 08/25/11

Frontal view of South Fork Ranch Mansion. In t...

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On the neck of a giraffe, a flea begins to believe in immortality.”   —   Stanislaw Lec

(Can you blame the flea, for thinking thusly?  It’s kind of like a combination of The Jeffersons and Dallas.  You might be relatively small, but you’re way up there, and there’s plenty of space to move around!  It’s always TV and movies to yer uncle.)   —   YUR

Jumble Spoiler – 08/25/11

25/07/2010 (Day 4.206) - Pay No Attention To T...

Image by Kaptain Kobold via Flickr

Visual Description:  Open drapes illusion.


Clue/Question:  Despite what they look like, curtains in Jumble cartoons are this.


(Tried and true clue words today!  I didn’t have to hesitate on any of them today.  The Answer letters didn’t give the puzzle a way.  Good play on words.  Good drawing of Jeff and David.  That’s about it, kids!  Be well and do good.)   —   YUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 08/24/11

One of the last photographs of Abraham Lincoln.

Image via Wikipedia

Life is like a field of newly fallen snow.  Where I choose to walk, every step will show.”   —   Denis Waitley

(Friend of yours, ralis?  Nice iambic pentameter.  I’m guessing that’s why he threw the word “choose” in there.  Unless he’s one of these people who’s completely sold on the assuredness of free will.  It’s certainly a lovely concept.  You just have to be a little naive to take it as an absolute.)   —   YUR

PS.  Here’s another movie recommendation for you guys.  The Conspirator, directed by Robert Redford.  It’s an historical piece about the military tribunal following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  The story centers mainly on the lone woman charged as a conspirator, Mary Surratt (Robin Wright).  It’s a little on the dry side, but it’s well written and acted.  Watching it, I was struck by the strong similarities of the prevailing attitudes of Post-9/11 America.  In the movie the wound is still very raw at the time of this so-called trial.  But, it’s reassuring to know that the country did get back to observing the rule of law.  Unfortunately, we are a little slower getting back to valuing this cornerstone of our great nation.  But, a lot of this is by design.  This so-called War on Terrorism just continues to give some people the “authority” to do things as they see fit.  It’s up to us, as American citizens, to demand those rights granted to us by the United States Constitution.  Anyway, it’s rated PG-13, and it’s just a tad over 2 hours (122 minutes).   —   YUR

Jumble Spoiler – 08/24/11

Poster of the 1920 olympic games. Printed in 9...

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Visual Description:  The inside track of Memory Lane.


Clue/Question:  The Olympic runner liked to remember the . . .


(How do you measure a competitive runner?  By his times, of course.  I’m glad that the answer was not all that difficult today, because I had to back into getting that last clue word.  For me, “goalie” was scrambled very well.  Even when I figured out that I needed a G, an O and an E it took me a while to come up with the word!  For those of you who had no problem with that word, and didn’t think the answer was obvious, then the answer letter layout probably didn’t make solving this any easier. Much better day, so far, today!  Be well and do good, my friends.)   —   YUR

PS.  Happy Birthday to Anne Archer, who turns 64 today(?).  Or, perhaps tomorrow the 25th? (Wikipedia has it tomorrow, but some sources have it as today.)  If it turns out I’m rushing things – and it matters to her – then I apologize for doing so.  The main reason I even bring it up is because my newspaper started to acknowledge her, right after Rock musician Ken Hensley (66), but then left off her last name and age, to jump on to Mike Huckabee. (Not my cup-a-tea!)  She has been in a lot of good movies.  They might pass over her tomorrow, so I decided to follow through – right or wrong – on her behalf.  ‘Cause that’s the kind of guy I am, buckoes!    YUR

(Tough) Cryptoquote Spoiler – 08/23/11

"My problem lies in reconciling my gross ...

Image by flatKat via Flickr

My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income.”   —   Errol Flynn

(This one – literally – gave me headaches!  The double letters in “gross” and in the author’s name threw me for a loop!  No single letter words!  No “the”, “are”, “and”, “one”, “for” or “but”!  I thought the LX was TO for the longest time, and also thought the U was the S.  I finally just said that YGPWW was DRESS.  Then Errol came into view — somehow!  And . . . and . . . this was the hardest one for me in ages!  Very amusing quote, though!)   —   YUR


Jumble Spoiler – 08/23/11

Minneapolis has the largest concentration of N...

Image via Wikipedia

Visual Description:  Jeff’s altered state of reality.


Clue/Question:  The Minneapolis beverage maker hoped to have a big success with this.


(Although, this mid-west state likely calls it “pop”!  The guy kind of reminds me of my Uncle Steve!  Sorry this is so late.  I don’t have much else to say.  I’m bummed because I couldn’t crack the Cryptoquote code, today.  I usually post them around the same time, and I’ve just been spinning my wheels trying to get this one.  It’s days like this where I start to feel like Charlie Gordon, of Flowers for Algernon.  Looks like I’m going to have to poll the audience!  Crap!)   —   YUR

PS.  Never mind.  It just came to me!     YUR

Ctyptoquote Spoiler – 08/22/11


Image by ilmungo via Flickr

A good hairdresser can express every mood and every passion of the human heart.”   —   W. Somerset Maugham

(Ol’ Bill here, must have been a real hoot watching football at the sports bars, or at the weekly poker game!  Great writer, but maybe . . . coulda used a little more testosterone.  Ya think???)   —   YUR   😉

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