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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 08/31/11

The flag of the libertarian anarchist Republic...

Image via Wikipedia

Never worry about theory as long as the machinery does what it’s supposed to do.”  —   Robert Heinlein

(It’s got to be a line from one of his works.  It doesn’t sound like something someone would say to sound profound. Not a very inspiring or enlightening quote, and it was very easy to decode.  Blehh.)   —   YUR

PS.  At least Zemanta came up with a cool picture for me to post!     YUR

Jumble Spoiler – 08/31/11

Cousin tree

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Visual Description:  A relatively friendly, family competition.


Clue/Question:  He finished second at the family reunion race behind this.


(Looks like Jeff is taking us back to the mid ’60s, with his King Family reference!  I was never a big fan.  A little too hokey for me, even at age 8.  And, maybe because it replaced The Outer Limits.  Now there was a TV show!  I think the first time I saw that I nearly pee’d my pjs!  Being 6 years old, I totally bought that they had taken over my television!  Great Jumble!  Nice scrambling of all the clue words, and the answer letter layout was superlative!  It looks like Mr. Hoyt is taking this aspect of this job very seriously, and we are all benefiting from it.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

PS.  If you click on the pic, you get a bigger picture of the whole order of cousins.  First, second, etc. and once removed, twice removed, etc.  Nice to know.  It can get kind of confusing.   —   YUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 08/30/11

H. L. Mencken

It is a sin to believe evil of others, but it is seldom a mistake.”   —   H.L. Mencken

(I think that old Hank Lou and I could have been great buddies.  We’re both fans of Nietzsche, and are critical of the same things.  It’s a shame he died about 8 months before I was even conceived!)   —   YUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 08/29/11

Emily de Vismes

Image via Wikipedia

The single essential ingredient of good manners is a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others.”   —   Emily Post

(In today’s age of entitlement – the opposite of the age of enlightenment? – it seems that that sensitive awareness has been replaced by a callous indifference of the feelings of others.  Although, I feel we do need to carefully weigh the feelings of others with the quest, and need, for the truth.  My very first Emily Post quotation!)   —   YUR

PS.  I just liked the sweetness of the Emily in this painting.   —   YUR

PS.  I “Published” this at 11:06 AM, on Monday 8/29/11, but as I checked the main page, this morning, it was *missing*!  Fortunately, I found it in my Drafts folder.  This is not the first time WordPress has hiccuped.  WordPress must have some kind of bug, and I sure wish they would fix the damn thing.  It’s crap like this that makes me look bad.      YUR

PPSAnd yet again this did not post, despite my “Publishing” it AGAIN!  It keeps ending up as a Draft.  I’m trying one last time before sending the Limeys a nasty note!   –   YUR


Jumble Spoiler – 08/30/11

Daffy and Hitler in Daffy - The Commando

Image via Wikipedia

Visual Description:  A couple of Fudds really pissing off Daffy!


Clue/Question:  Being shot at by the hunters put the duck in this.

Answer:  A FOWL MOOD

(Okay.  Nothing new in the clue word category, but I did like the scrambling of “chord” and “remove”.  I think it’s natural to get a little caught up in the soft CH sound, as opposed to the hard C/K sound that you also get from a ch.  That might have thrown some off, a little, on “chord”.  Good answer letter layout.  The answer sure seems like an old friend, but I think the cartoon, and the duck’s comment, makes up for this feeling like a repeat.  Be well and do good, friends!)   —   YUR

Jumble Spoiler – 08/29/11

Springtime for product placement.

Visual Description:  Quasi-historic product placement puzzle.


Clue/Question:  Founded in 1898, Frank Seiberling‘s tire and rubber company has had many . . .


(Oh, look!  They’re wearing Brooks Brothers suits!  And, isn’t that a Waterman pen the taller gentleman is holding?  LOL!  I kid, because . . . I can!  I wonder how many might have written down KUSHY instead of HUSKY?  I did think it, but I caught myself.  You get the S and Y either way, but of course you’d be mistaking CUSHY.  Great scrambling, and great answer letter layout.  I guess if you didn’t happen to notice the tire below the portrait – kind of the elephant in the room – you could always have Googled the name Frank, or Charles, Seiberling to figure out the answer.  Maybe something some of our non-American readers might have needed to do?  Unclerave’s Wordy Weblog has an international following, you know?!?!  Something a little different for a Monday morning.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

Sunday Cryptoquote Spoiler – 08/28/11

Izaak Walton Inn

Image by Martin van Duijn via Flickr

Let us be thankful for health and competence, and, above all, for a quiet conscience.”   —   Izaak Walton

(This is the first Izaak Walton quotation since I’ve been posting the Cryptoquote Spoilers!  I like it.  It’s sound advice, and good words to live by.  Be well and do good, my friends.)   —   YUR

Sunday Jumble Spoiler – 08/28/11

High Torne Mountain, Rockland County, New York

Image via Wikipedia

Visual Description:  Golfing hubby returning to find his overwrought weeding wifey.


Clue/Question:  Gardening all day resulted in her . . .


(Very detailed cartoon today!  Things always look different when I print them out, as opposed to how they look in the newspaper.  Some very nicely scrambled clue words.  I probably had the most trouble with “flawed”, and then a little less with both “leeway” and “stormy”.  Great timing on using that word, guys!  The answer letter layout gave nothing away.  I actually considered GETTING before realizing I needed another T, but then I immediately realized the word was GROWING.  Good job, guys.  Up in my neck of Rockland County, NY I experienced minimal damage . . . so far, from Hurricane Irene.  The rain has stopped, but the wind has picked up again, so there’s always the risk of more trees coming down as a result of the ground being so saturated and the root systems being compromised.  We did not lose power and our cable never failed, so we were very fortunate.  In the distance I can hear one of those industrial strength tree branch/wood chippers, so it sounds like the town, and utility, workers are on the job!  I would not say this was much ado about nothing, but I also wouldn’t discount that there was an ulterior purpose for all this news coverage and government involvement.  Too big and heavy an issue to get into at this point, so we’ll leave it alone for now.  Be safe and be well, friends.  Stay off the roads, if you can.)   —   YUR

8/28/11 Spoiler Delays

Due to the effects of Hurricane Irene I did not receive a newspaper this morning.  I have accessed the online version and have just printed out the Jumble and the Cryptoquote.  After I work on them I will post them, as per usual.  Your patience is appreciated.

—   YUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 08/27/11

Frank Lloyd Wright Spire

Image by cam.riley via Flickr

Give me all the luxuries in life and I will willingly do without the necessities.”   —   Frank Lloyd Wright

(No matter how clever this statement is, I’m just NOT in the mood for any more elitism!  I hope that Mitt, Rick and the Koch Brothers – and their (1 – 2 %) kind – eat some tainted caviar, and come down with something that resembles dysentery!  Screw ’em all.)   —   YUR

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