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Crytoquote Spoiler – 07/01/11

Liberty Loves Tommy Douglas

Image by tiganatoo via Flickr

Where people have no dreams and no hopes and aspirations, life becomes dull and a meaningless wilderness.”   —   Tommy Douglas

(Aye, laddie!  It’s as obvious as the nose on yer face!  Okay.  All kidding aside.  This is actually the closing portion of the much larger quotation:  “We should never, never be ashamed about dreams.  The dreams won’t all come true; we won’t always make it; but where there is no vision a people perish.  Where people have no dreams and no hopes and aspirations, life becomes dull and a meaningless wilderness.”  Much more powerful when put back into context.  Right?  Tommy Douglas was a guy, who conservatives – like Anonymous – love to hate.  He was a Canadian Democratic Socialist politician who is remembered for bringing  Universal Healthcare to Canada.  Have a great weekend, friends.  Happy Independence Day!)   —   YUR

Jumble Spoiler – 07/01/11

Polka Party Cupcake soap

Image by soapylovedeb via Flickr

Visual Description:  Porky Proficient Polka Players.


Clue/Question:  The groups expanding waistlines created more of this.

Answer:  analog, digital or spectral?  That’s my question!

Okay!  No more foolin’ around.  The answer is: BAND WIDTH


(I’m in a very contrary mood, today.  I know the answer.  I really enjoyed today’s jumble.  I’d rather have some of you guys send me the answer, today.  I gave you guys a little clue, up there on the answer line.  Who figured out today’s punny answer?)   —   YUR

PS.  Jeff DID throw us a little “bonus clue” when the guy in the audience made the statement about the group’s “range”!  You guys know I love a good pun, and I really thought today’s was a classic.  Have a great Independence Day weekend, guys!      YUR

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