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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 04/19/11

Representation of the Hitchhiker's Guide to th...

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I’d take the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance any day.”   —   Douglas Adams

(First off, a little confession.  I saw the name, Douglas Adams, and I thought:  Oh, the guy who draws/writes “Dilbert“!  Doh!  That’s Scott Adams.  This is an interesting quote, but I  sensed a tone of sarcasm here, and I saw conflict in the use of “awe”.  But likely, that’s due to my personal bias of the word “awe”.  I’ve always associated the word more with admiration and wonderment.  But, the word can swing all the way to fear and stupefaction.  Two words that are synonymous with ignorance in my book.  The best way to overcome fear is through understanding.  I don’t buy the excuse: “I just don’t like it”, when someone objects to the notion of being ignorant, or fearing something or someone.  At the very least we need to practice empathy.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

Jumble Spoiler – 04/19/11

KNJA-Hered. Progenie

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Visual Description:  Tooth Doc’s auto-impaction will require a restorative procedure.


Clue/Question:  Getting into the fender bender turned the orthodontist into a . . .

Answer:  DENTIST

(Nice little pun!.  A couple of tried and true clue words, and a couple of tougher ones.  I hesitated on “grinch” for a bit, but nothing else seemed to fit.  And, it is in the dictionary, despite its origin being the main character of a Doctor Seuss story.  Boris Karloff will always be the Grinch in my book.  I never had the patience to watch the Jim Carrey movie version.  Nothing against Jim, mind you.  I think there are just some things you can’t improve on.  I’m sure some of you had trouble with “apiece”, just because it has a lot of vowels and it starts with a vowel.  But, it jumped off the page for me.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

PS.  Goodbye “Old Blue”!  You was a trusty ol’ car.  You served my family well.      YUR

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