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Jumble Spoiler – 01/22/11

Hot dog cart in New York City

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Visual Description:  A couple of mutts having a good run of luck.


Clue/Question:  What they ended up with at the greyhound races.

Answer:  HOT DOGS

(Mmmmm!  Love eatin’ dem hot dogs!  You can tell me they’re made outta lips and assholes until you’re blue in the face, and that still won’t deter me!  I gots no prob wit dat!  Oh, yeah.  Nice puzzle, guys.  Some fun clue words.  A heck of a lot easier than yesterday’s, that’s for damn sure!  Some great games coming up tomorrow.  S/B a shootout in the Bears/Packers game.  Tons of people are on the Packers’ bandwagon, including most of the analysts.  But, I think that Cutler has been coming into his own the last few weeks, almost as much as Rogers.  Windchill is going to make it feel like 10 degrees F. at game time!  Brrrr!  The Jets/Steelers match up should be a lower scoring game.  Two top notch defenses should keep both sides honest.  But, you never know how things are going to shake out until they complete two full halfs.  Last week, at halftime I thought that the Steelers were likely toast.  But, they turned things around in a hurry in the second half.  The Jets would be the hungrier team, but they have to guard against a second half let down, as in last year’s AFC Championship game.  With game time windchills expected to be around 6 degrees F. I’d expect this game to be grind it out, trench warfare.  I’ve traditionally been a Steelers’ fan, but I’ll be pulling for my new defacto home team, the Jets.  But, whoever wins this AFC battle I’ll root for them in Super Bowl XLV!  Be good, do good, stay warm!)   — TUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 01/22/11

Marlene screen cap from movie Shangai Express

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It’s the friends you can call up at four A.M. that matter.”   — Marlene  Dietrich

(Compared to yesterday’s, this one took me a millisecond to get!  That good old apostrophe and the word “that” really got the ball rolling, this morning.  Actually having the newspaper in hand is also a big help for me.  Yesterday, I had to access the online version of my paper.  At first I just wrote it out freehand, and I had no luck.  So then, I figured out how to print it out, and for a long while I just looked at it, quizzically.  Finally, I went with what I thought would be the Es, made a couple of mistakes, but was able to spot my errors.  I nearly thought I was going to throw in the towel on both the cryptoquote AND the jumble!  That would’ve been a very sad day for your Uncle Rave.  Getting that cryptoquote gave me the confidence to give a last look at the jumble.  Then it all became so obvious.  Stay warm, folks.)   — YUR

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