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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 01/12/11

Frank Langella at the 2007 Toronto Internation...

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I grew up in a household where everybody lived at the top of his lungs.”   — Frank Langella

(Marvelous actor.  Plays a great heavy.  He was a real bastard in “Dave“.  What  a great movie, and what a great cast!  If you haven’t seen it then rent it.  So sayeth yer Uncle.)   — YUR

Jumble Spoiler – 01/12/11

Ow :*(

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Visual Description:  Dueling frauds at the dais.


Clue/Question:  The candidates were strange bedfellows but they had the . . .

Answer:  SAME BUNK

(Sorry about today’s delay.  Besides the snow messing up my paper delivery, I went and messed up my ankle . . . big time!  I slipped on some ice last night, and came down – with all of my weight – on the top of my left foot.  I thought that not only had I broken my ankle, I’d likely shattered it.  I was on my ass, and I had to scream for help.  I was in too much shock to use my cell phone properly.  Luckily, my wife’s cousin heard my screams and came and helped me up.  I had her get my wife’s walker, from her knee surgery, so I could get to the car.  Wife’s cuz doesn’t drive, and my wife was arriving at the park & ride.  Since it was my left, I was able to get her and then drive to the hospital.  I should’ve gone to Nyack Hospital, as I was half way there anyway, but I opted to go to Good Samaritan, because it’s 5 minutes from my house.  BIG mistake!  I was in the ER waiting room from 7:30 until nearly 12:30.  Finally got let in to where I’d be x-rayed and waited another 1/2 hour, in a hallway.  Finally was seen, by a PA, in the hallway, had the x-rays taken, by a guy who clearly didn’t want to be there, and eventually I was taken to a formal exam room.  Back comes the PA to tell me there were – miraculously – no fractures, and that it was a bad sprain.  They gave me a shot of some strong anti-inflammatory, threw on a cold-splint, and some bright yellow socks, and sent me home.  Wife had to clear the car at the hospital parking lot, then shovel a path from the front door to the car, when we had finally arrived at home.  It was probably 2:15 AM by the time  we got inside.  2:30 + by the time we got to sleep.  Wife stayed with me the entire time, despite my protests.  The kid’s a trooper!  Now, instead of me being the caretaker, I need to be taken care of.  Sucks!  Can’t take care of my dogs, or anything.  I have to go back and see an orthopedic doc in a few days.  Hopefully, there’s no ligament damage.  Keep yer fingers crossed, friends.  Hey!  The guys used “kapok” today.  Pretty cool.  Decent jumble.  Thanks for listening.)   — YUR

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