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Worthwhile Letters to the Editor

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From yer uncle’s local newspaper:

Rich get richer if GOP triumphs

Since the election of Ronald Reagan, our middle class has been under assault. Mr. Reagan began by dissolving the air traffic controllers’ union. President Reagan and Vice President George H.W. Bush began to aid American companies in their quest to move their factories offshore. Recently, when the Democrats introduced a bill to give tax breaks to companies that brought jobs back to America, it was defeated by a Republican filibuster.

Greed is the reason behind the Republican political strategy. They want the Bush tax breaks for the top 2 percent earners of our country to be extended. Republicans claim that this tax gift to the rich will create jobs. During the Bush years, while the tax breaks were in effect, the number of jobs created on American soil dropped drastically. While the rich greased their pockets, our debt rose over $700 billion a year. The real goal behind the Republican political strategy is for the middle class to pay the taxes that the rich should pay.

When the Republican majority on the Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of unlimited campaign spending, they opened the door to corporations and foreign countries to control our election results. How can a middle-class individual compete with the spending power of corporations? How much would it be worth to China to keep American factories in their country?

On Tuesday, the American people should go to the polls in great numbers and send a message that our democracy is not for sale.

Jim DeVito

Brewster, NY

Obama needs support at polls

President Obama’s inherited task couldn’t have been more of a tangled mess. Yet he’s displayed an unwavering dedication to the job at hand, faced up to hard choices and forced compromises to stop momentum of what promised to be full-scale depression, more joblessness and endless war. He acted for us, and us alone despite record assaults from naysayers, achieving worthwhile and historic beginnings in a number of areas in only a year and nine months.

Yet there are back-seat drivers who claim they could do better. My advice to them is, sit back, fasten your seat belts for rough times ahead, and remember it took the Republicans eight-plus years to create the desecration handed to the Democrats. It will take longer than a year and nine months to recover. Let’s remember why we elected President Obama, and deliver again the support he needs at the polls on Nov. 2.

JoAnn Wendl

Pomona, NY

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 11/01/10

Fox Channel (Germany)

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Growing old is no more than a bad habit which a busy man has no time to form.”   — Andre Maurois

(Bodies – and brains – in motion stay in motion!  Think for yourselves, people.  Don’t allow yourselves to parrot the pundits.  Especially, those putrid FOX “News” ones!  Remember.  They can’t dumb us down . . . unless we let them.  Regardless of how recent politics may be sickening you, because they are me, please go out and vote tomorrow!  Not that we’ve made measurable strides forward, but we simply can’t afford to go back to the ways of the Duh-bya!)   — YUR

(Graduated) Jumble Spoiler – 11/01/10

closeup of a steel ruler

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Visual Description:  A highly rated ruler rising up the ranks.


Clue/Question:  The prince became the ruler because he . . .


(I’d say this one has a fairly high difficulty rating.  It took me a couple of minutes to get “radius”.  The other clue words were OK too.  Good scrambling of the answer letters.  The answer makes for a nice (non-risqué) double entendré.  They do give us a few visual clues in the cartoon.  The balcony railing and the upper background do resemble the marks on a ruler.  I’ll bet a good number of you had at least some difficulty getting today’s answer.  Although, that is always hard for me to gauge.  Great start to the week!  Do good, people.)   — YUR

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