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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 10/19/10


Havelock Ellis August 1927

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All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.”   — Henry (Havelock) Ellis

(Another bit of mis-direction?  I like this quote.  A lot!  Once again, I am not familiar with its author, so I Googled “Henry Ellis”.  I got an early (English) governor of Georgia, a U.S. Navy sailor, an English librarian and an English diplomat, just to name a few.  But nothing that led me to believe that any of these guys were responsible for such a quote.  So, I clicked on the Brainy Quote link for Henry Ellis, then clicked on his highlighted name, below one of his quotes, and got his birth and death date years.  Went back to Google and added the years to the name, and this time it came up with Henry “Havelock” Ellis, a British sexologist.(Wikipedia)  They have him mainly as Havelock Ellis.  Havelock being his middle -perhaps mother’s maiden name – with less emphasis on “Henry”.  He has a lot of very good quotes attributed to him.  Yer Uncle highly recommends looking them up!  Happy hunting, people.)   — YUR

(Mis-direct) Jumble Spoiler 10/19/10


A typical throw pillow found in a suburban hom...

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Visual Description:  Older husband and wife fighting inclement weather in their car.


Clue/Question:  The couple went for a spin in the storm because it was (a) . . .


(First, the bad.  The exchange, between wifey and hubby, has absolutely no bearing on the answer to this puzzle.  It was just a cheap attempt to throw us off a bit.  I can sort of see why they might omit the “a” in the clue/question, but I think it was an additional attempt to throw us off, as well.  The good?  I liked seeing “guild” and “acrid”.  Decent – but not optimal – scrambling of the answer letters.  Is yer uncle just an old grump, or what?  Do good, people.)   — YUR

PS.  This “throw” pillow has nothing to do with anything.  It’s just one of the few options Zemanta provided, based on the text that I wrote.  The colors kinda fit in with Pink month, but that’s about it. —   YUR

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