Jumble Spoiler – 08/30/10

Visual Description:  One of George Carlin’s pet peeves.


Clue/Question:  Members of country clubs have these.


(There definitely should be quotation marks around “dues”!  I hesitated with modish.  Anything ending in “ish” is always a little suspect, in my book.  Golf can be fun to play.  It definitely takes skill.  But contrast golf to soccer, and you’ll quickly see why the late, great George Carlin was not a fan of golf!)   —   YUR

1 Response to “Jumble Spoiler – 08/30/10”

  1. 1 JL August 30, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    Hey YUR;

    We had trouble with this one – “modish” just wasn’t on ANY of my short lists! (I liked your Nora Ephron quip, too.)

    Ah, the week following surgery – still living with lots of pain, and swelling – and the swelling just makes movement, or even sitting, agonizing at times. Nobody said anything about THOSE getting swollen, but I guess it happens all the time, so ice bags and pain pills is how I spent the last week…. and probably most of this one!

    But we still tackle the Jumbles every day – and we’re trying not to “cheat” by looking at the master’s answers, so no, I hadn’t dropped by lately. Funny that I’m good at the words but not the solutions, and she’s good at solutions but less so the words… of course, that makes doing them together a bit more fun.

    I’d love to see what you’re thinking of writing about – I get fed up with some leftist positions too, despite being an avowed progressive lifer myself; but I think I get fed up more with the idea that there’s a “typical” leftist, not with the actual ones I know and follow – like when I read attacks on the left I don’t think it’s so much the way any one of us really are, but the way we’re being portrayed that pisses me off. It’s just not that simple, that we can be summed up in a negative phrase, any more than a conservative can. And I DO think for myself, not march in lockstep – do my own research, too, because I KNOW we rarely hear the truth (and NEVER the whole truth!) from anyone with stakes in the outcome…

    So let ‘er rip, Unc – you’ve got one eager reader here at least, and I have a feeling I’d agree with you despite your misgivings. After all, the other side has discovered that if you repeat ANYTHING enough times people all over will believe it even if it’s clearly a lie!

    A classic Upstate example of “twisted” logic is our winters near Lake Ontario; we have MORE lake effect snow now that global warming is happening, and deniers use that as an argument against warming. I know, it seems almost “logical” that ‘more snow means colder winters’ – right? But the truth is, due to WARMING the lake water is also staying WARMER through the winters now, so there’s much LESS pack ice (nearly 60% less lately!), so there WILL be more snow as the wind blows over so much more open water now, when it used to blow over much more ice – therefore MORE lake effect snow is a sign of WARMING, not cooling! Of course, if you didn’t look at the ice map / temperature data you might not see that happening, but once you see the actual data the truth is clear enough that anyone can see it, IMHO. Warming IS happening, and we see it happening every winter as we shovel more of it!
    take care

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