Sunday Jumble Spoiler – 07/18/10

Visual Description:  The filming of a scene from the movie “A River Runs Through It”.


Clue/Question:  What the actor needed for the fishing scene.


(Tough one!  No?  Some very interesting clue words today.  I really had my reservations about “bolero” for a while, and that held me up from getting the answer.  I was leaning towards something with the word leading, but I couldn’t get the “l” in the right spot with/from “rooble”.  When I finally gave into “bolero” – no other arrangements made a word – I looked harder at the cartoon, and “casting” finally appeared.  After writing out the remaining letters then I was able to see “director”.  You know . . . I think it’s extremely rare for the casting director to be anywhere near the filming of any part of the movie.  By the time they actually start shooting the film his/her job is long done!  Another part of the problem, and maybe this was just my newspaper, was I couldn’t tell if the letter “A” before the open quote was designating Answer, or was part of the answer.  Wow!  That was a lot of rationalizing for the lateness of this spoiler, huh?)   — YUR ;~)

2 Responses to “Sunday Jumble Spoiler – 07/18/10”

  1. 1 JL July 19, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    Hi Yur – we had trouble with this one, too, and finally had to read your solutions to get them all. I got “nuance” in seconds, but never did get “bolero”, and Shar got “physic” but couldn’t get “indict”, although the first didn’t seem right to me and the second didn’t seem right to her!

    All in all, it was a lot of fun… we’ve loved solving jumbles together for years, and always cut them out if we don’t have time to do them right away, so we have a small stack of old ones just waiting for that proverbial rainy day…

    Sorry I haven’t added to our discussion lately; have some medical issues, and looking at a minor surgery in a couple weeks, so I’ve had other things on my mind. Plus, you gave me a LOT to think about – I had actually written you quite a long reply, but deleted it when I thought I was just being long-winded – although I think you have such a good grasp of politics as practiced lately I really think you should start posting rants again, honest!

    And I’m mulling over posting my comments in the form of “sbujlem”, just for you. I think it might be a “laatpens” “sviidrnoe” for a “vrosle” like you!

    Take care, Unc!

  2. 2 unclerave July 20, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    When you get up to 8 and 9 letters the diversions aren’t quite so pleasant, John! My brain only works in terms of 5 and 6 letters!
    Sorry to hear about your medical issues, John. Don’t worry about commenting on this blog. There are plenty of things much more important and pressing. Keep a positive outlook on that surgery. And, build up your strengths and defenses. Certain medications and foods have to be stopped for a period leading up to surgery. So check with your doc and stay on your toes there, John.

    We’ll be pulling for you here!


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