Sunday (4th of July) Jumble Spoiler – 2010

Visual Description:  Snooty types atop a mountain’s crest.


Clue/Question:  What the blue noses became when they scaled the mountain.


(Pretty tough jumble, huh people?  For me, only “polish” and “oblige” jumped off the page.  I really had to work to get the other 4 words.  I think we have seen “raglan” once before.  It’s a good thing that Merriam was handy!  I can see some folks having difficulty getting the answer too.  Great scrambling of the answer letters, and unless you picked up that they used the word “scaled”, instead of climbed, you might have struggled with this.  Very satisfying Sunday jumble!  Careful with the fireworks this evening!  You need your eyes and fingers to do the jumble!  Watch out for fires too.  The grass is like straw around here!  But, have a Happy Fourth!)   — YUR

8 Responses to “Sunday (4th of July) Jumble Spoiler – 2010”

  1. 1 JL July 5, 2010 at 6:23 am

    We had trouble with these Jumble words, too, until I “spoiled” it by checking your site. I’ve been coming here for over a month now, and am always amazed at your solving skills; but even more than that, I appreciate your stands and outlook on many things – oh, if we only had more wisdom AND common sense in politics and the world in general, right?!!?

    Your pic indicates you’re quite a bit younger than I – “Grampa” to 5 – yet your insight tells me you’re wise beyond those apparent years, and that’s something I like to encourage with comments like this. Thank you for all you do here, Yur, and please keep it up. You’re on a path I heartily approve of and support. Not only that, but you’re even teaching me things I didn’t know – like Dubai being a perfect criminal sanctuary due to lacking extradition with the US, as well as having no ICC membership; reading your posts is a veritable education in itself.

    Well done!
    Grampa John

  2. 2 unclerave July 5, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    Wow! Thanks, John. I’m a little taken aback by the high praise. Especially since, other than the occasional comments on the jumbles and cryptoquotes I haven’t delved much into the political since around the 2008 election. But, it’s nice to know that there are some like-minded people out there! I think to a large extent that a large segment of this country has been seduced, and lulled into false security, by the jingoism of FOX News and AM talk radio. (No duh, right?) And, unfortunately, too many of the younger liberal minds are such slaves to technology – iphones, ipads, video games, etc., etc. – that I don’t have a lot of faith in any kind of sustained backlash to the current conservative prevalence that we are experiencing. The ’08 election may have been my last hurrah of hope. Lots of liberals feel betrayed, and the many who were looking for “Change”, of one kind or another, are not so thrilled with the economic stagnation, and our status quo wars. Maybe I’m just a grumpy middle-aged man?

    For the record, I am also a grandfather of 3. Albeit, they are via my stepsons, due to my wife having another life before she met little old me. My blood-kids are still a ways off from making me a blood-gramps! We don’t need to rush these things!

    Do you think there is any way in Hades that these Dubai towers could ever be “taken out”? I highly doubt that they will have any “maneuvers” issues that will *compromise* their airspace security!

    Now look what you’ve started, John!

    🙂 — YUR

  3. 3 JL July 5, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    Well thanks yourself Yur- it was reading those ’08 posts that showed me your like-mindedness, and yes, I fear the backlash from an electorate that’s been lulled by “faux-news” type bites into a false sense of instant “change.” Yet, I think that will (hopefully) come, albeit slowly IMO, since the Repubs have spent the last 50 years planning based on a stroke of sorta-genius, namely, they’ve been planting way too many little changes for their own benefit into the laws and regulations they managed to pass when they were in power – else how do we explain things like the lack of regs that led to the meltdown, etc? What worries me is, how many OTHER hidden time bombs are there waiting for us, all in the name of greed? (Again, IMO, that’s their #1 motivation/religion, which they share with the Rev Ike types!)

    I am alternately hopeful and despairing about Obama – after all, there’s no such thing as a really powerful President anymore in the American corporatocracy – and too many Dems have been sucked into the wrong interpretation of change in America, at least as far as bad laws and regs go, which will take as long to do (undo?) as they did to get entrenched. No doubt the K-Street regs still have legions of minions/aides/lawyers “aiding” Congress, still writing the regs that got us here – after all, they don’t ALL change when the other side gets elected!

    As far as Dubai’s towers – I’m honestly surprised that no one has TRIED yet! How is THAT not happening? Makes me a bit more inclined to sympathize with the twin-tower-target conspiracy theorists, despite all the “assurances” that there was nothing to see here but them hijackin’ terrists, right? After all, if you can reduce the world to us vs them, it all makes an obscene kind of sense from a conservative point of view – I do at least try to read up on both sides before I choose. Ain’t nothin’ YET made me want to vote Conservative, tho! That ship has sailed, spoiled by the post-Ike shift to R-W extremists and bigots.

    So yeah, I’m Liberal and proud of it, and your posts back then made good sense, then AND now. As I say, I just fear the future, because we have no idea how many ticking time bombs are hidden in the hundreds of thousands of pages of regs passed during Dummy’s 8 long dark age years plus all the others that went before him, meaning we have a long way to go yet, and Obama can’t get it done in 4, especially since Dems have short memories and are WAY too inclined to give in without looking for all the needles in the haystacks left behind. I’m not talking about member items or steering money to home districts either – I saw way too many “hidden” regs that never made the evening news and yet will influence our futures for years to come… a perfect example is the little line on page 600 something in “No Child Left Behind” that basically said any school that doesn’t give a complete list of students with contact info to the military will lose fed funds. Ouch – think on that for a bit…I’d go fight in a heartbeat to save the country, but I don’t want recruiters following MY grandkids home to sign them up for a ‘Stan/oil war I don’t support.

    No, all in all, I think you’re on the right track and saw past all the BS and obfuscation, but we still have a long way to go to root out all the sleepers they left behind. I’m also waiting for some common sense to sweep the nation, altho I won’t hold my breath. Maybe we need to completely change the government, like electing all-new political virgins instead of returning the same-old crowd to do the same-old things in the same-old ways.

    Yeah, like THAT’S gonna happen.

    Anyway, I like your site and get a lot out of reading your old posts, plus – we have a stack of old Jumbles to work on – it’s one of our favorite pastimes and we try to never miss one. (Altho “prayer” did trip us up today!) Thanks for what you do, and think about updating that photo.

  4. 4 unclerave July 6, 2010 at 10:17 am


    Your second paragraph really kind of says it all. We now live in a corporatocracy that loves to foster the illusion of our once precious democracy. Speaking in terms of Dems and Repubs is now essentially irrelevant, especially at the levels that really matter. The de-regulation that started (presumably innocently?) under Reagan grew like a cancer that goes undetected for years. Those who benefited most, from the eventual free-for-all, have absolutely no sense of country or loyalty. (They’ll all be in Dubai mansions, eventually.) I see it all as a carefully crafted, modernized version of (semi-palatable?) slavery. They’ve done a great job of convincing far too many people that SECURITY is more important than freedom. This is the other silent cancer that is eating away at what we (euphemistically) call The American Way. Unfortunately, the *dumbing of America* has led to the *numbing of America*. A dull populace, that doesn’t feel anything intensely, is exceedingly *manageable*. THEY learned their lesson from Vietnam era draft protests. Unfortunately, for us . . . We, The People . . . THEY learned it only TOO well.

    — YUR

  5. 5 JL July 8, 2010 at 10:20 am

    Wow. It’s going to take a while to digest your response. You have a way of saying it all in a few…

    Here’s a helluva post for you in return:

    I happened across it doing some background searching for the seeds of the current Repub/”Conservative” course; I know there was such a document written in the 50’s (post-Ike – who is IMO “The Last TRUE Republican” *TM), that laid it all out and became the foundation for the current direction they’ve taken. Money was set aside for a series of think-tanks, lots and lots of preppie-types were educated with and into conservative thought, and thoroughly indoctrinated, then placed into positions of influence across the spectrum, where they continue to write legislation – all with an eye to entrenching their ideas into laws and regulations… (haven’t found the document online yet, have a copy but it’s on a backup HDD that failed!)

    The libruls, OTOH, never had such ideas or plans, and I think we’ve been woefully unprepared and underfunded in comparison to carry out our own plans – not to even MENTION the fact that we’re splintered into all these factions that can’t even agree on the scope of our political goals, much less the details – something the other side is expert at taking advantage of! Only in the last few years have our own think tanks been funded by folks like Soros, and I’m afraid it’s too little, too late, for the reasons you laid out – a populace intent on security vs freedom, who don’t even understand our most basic documents OR our responsibilities, can’t possibly do much more than follow the most popular trends, and are spoon-fed faux news that passes for discourse.

    Ever been to

  6. 6 unclerave July 8, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    Too bad this is just from a little Podunk newspaper, John. I think that the writer is definitely on the right track. There seems to be no byline. Was this done as an editorial, or is this just because it’s a small paper? How did you find this? I have been to Daily Kos, but I’m no regular, by any means. I hate to say this, but it (the name) just seems to have a “commie” ring to it. Is this where you found the link to the Le Mars Sentinel story?

    Believe it, or not, I actually extrapolate most of my ideas/views from the mainstream (corporate) media. But, I read between the lines a lot. And, I pay just as much attention to what they’re NOT saying, as to what they are saying. I can see how this would be difficult for some/many, especially those of the younger generations, but one of the reasons I can do this is because I have strong memories of the days when the News was not a subsidiary of Entertainment. In those days they were autonomous and serious. And the anchors and reporters were actually journalists back then. Not actors. I also have a superior nose for BS. But, I do occasionally read articles from British and Canadian news websites. Outsider perspectives come in very handy!

    But, back to the time-line piece. I think that one of the unspoken aspects of McCarthyism was that this was a way for all those who opposed FDR’s policies to undo his programs. They felt that fear and demonization could put things back to the ways that benefited the few but powerful. It might have worked if they hadn’t gone as far as they did in too short a time. It would have been smarter if a more senior congressional member picked up McCarthy’s mantle. Joe had no gravitas. So when Murrow stood up to him the whole thing started falling apart, public sympathy-wise.

    Ike was the last true Republican pres, and Carter was the last true Democrat pres. Ike wasn’t a politician. He probably was “controlled” to a certain extent. But, the man DID try to warn us! Carter represented everything that the true powers despised. He had integrity and was concerned with all the injustice that he saw. That is why he was sabotaged at virtually every turn. The October Surprise was the final nail in his presidential coffin. I wish we could peer into the parallel universe where JC was elected to a second term. It would be interesting to see our country still answerable to the people.

    If you have any pull with George Soros, let him know that Unclerave is available to join his think tank! I’m a fairly decent swimmer and I’ve always been good at treading water!


  7. 7 JL July 9, 2010 at 9:19 am

    A man after my own heart – your story echoes my own. My folks instilled in me a nose for bs and nonsense, and a deep abiding respect for common sense. They saw Ike as the last Republican, too; although as lifelong Democrats they tended to vote party, they always took the time to look for both sides of an issue and taught us to do the same. I find it’s pretty easy to weed out the profane in politics by following the money or just looking for the greed factor.

    My own philosophy is simple = “The United States exist for the common good.” Not that it has ANY reality any more, but I consider it the reason we were founded, to throw off tyranny and take care of one another so that we could have that chance at freedom to pursue happiness. They had their own agendas, of course – many were land-grabbers who wanted to expand west of the Appalachians – but they also laid out a great framework that if we had followed better over the last 200+ COULD have made us the pre-eminent democracy in the world.

    Now? We’re little more than a second-rate corporatocracy with a long history of imperialism and a huge debt. Ouch.

    I found that link by Google – and have been a member of dKos (Codetalker) for years – it’s left but not Commie, by any means, although I’ve been away for months due to situations at home. I mentioned it as a haven of like-mended individuals is all – there are a lot of other sites that have the same viewpoint as us, of course. I started this exchange with you because you have a way of cramming a lot of common sense and anti-bs into your posts and that’s a very useful and helpful skill – and no, I can’t get to Soros for an appointment, but I WOULD nominate you, for that reason alone!

    What we need to stem the coming voter reprisals are calm voices of reason to sway Independents like me, since no one can reason with the 5-year-old mentalities taking grip on Tea Partiers and the like. I wish you would start your political posts again – you must have a lot to say! I know things like the Sentinel story will never make the mainstream, but if they HAD, maybe more voters wouldn’t be diving off the fence in the wrong direction today…

  8. 8 unclerave July 10, 2010 at 10:07 am

    Yeah, John. I always strive to be concise. Sometimes that can lead to misinterpretation, because some things are kind of implied, and/or assumed, on my part, and sometimes on the reader’s. My typing skills are fairly limited. I’m mainly a two-finger kind of typist. I’ve always been the kind of guy that gets by by using *personal short-cuts*. Some say it’s a *gift*, but I’d rather do more than just *get by* by doing things the way most people do them. But, it is what it is. (As they say.)

    I know our founding fathers were not necessarily saints, but I think we tend to project our 21st Century morals and values on them a little too much. In the 18th Century it was perfectly normal to own slaves, treat woman as objects, consider non-Christian indigenous people as less than human – and take their shit! (Mainly their land, of course.) I think when they worked out the framework of a modern democratic republic they really did have the greatest of intentions. Just within the narrow confines of their white, male, mainly Judeo-Christian, mainly English-origin minds.

    I know the Daily Kos is not commie. It’s just the word “Kos” that kind of bugs me. If anything, I’m actually a fan of communism, as it was laid out by Marx. People tend to look at it as political, when it is actually more of an economic theory. Pure communism is actually much more democratic than capitalism. But, the word alone has become so demonized and stigmatized. And, by who? Well, by capitalists, of course. We’ve seen the failure of the countries who claimed to be communist, and now we’ve seen the effects of unfettered (deregulated) capitalism. A lot of countries do well with a kind of hybrid, that generally gets labeled as “socialism”. The *right* has been having a field day with that word the last couple years, but to me that’s their problem. It’s just a word, that to them means *not pure capitalism*. Some dopes never learn!

    I don’t know if I have the inclination, and/or the following, to write political posts anymore. Most of my visitors are just here to read the spoilers, and sometimes be entertained by my occasional quips and observations.


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