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Earth Day Cryptoquote Spoiler – 04/22/10

Treat the Earth well.  It was not given to you by your parents; it was loaned to you by your children.”   — Kenyan Proverb

(Kenyan???  I demand to see this guy’s birth certificate!  JKLOL, kiddies!  It’s Earth Day, today!  Numero cuarenta!  Pledge to make a positive difference today, and everyday going forward!  Walk more, drive less.  Drive smarter.  Keep your car tuned, and keep the tires properly inflated.  Don’t buy those single portion, individually wrapped items.  Reuse and recycle.  Pick up litter, and of course, don’t you litter!  Don’t waste.  Think “conserve”.  If we squander this loan, and give this world back to our kids in a neglected state, who could blame them if they choose to neglect us in our old age?) —   YUR

Jumble Spoiler – 04/22/10

Visual Description:  Tourists observing a native – yet very familiar – family scene.


Clue/Question:  What the tourist experienced in the Paris bistro.


(Pretty regular clue words today, though nicely scrambled.  The answer letters were also not obvious.  There probably should be quotation marks around WHINE, but we’re used to the inconsistency of this issue.  This just goes to show that kids are kids – people are people – wherever you go.  Have a Happy Earth Day today!  Try to make a positive difference in how you treat our one and only home.  Pledge to make it an ongoing thing.  Our heirs deserve all the beauty and gifts of this marvelous world of ours.  Peace.) —   YUR

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