Rave’s Random Ramblings – Volume 2

Massage-ynist, maybe:

Imagine!  Someone calling me a misogynist, just because I don’t find Cathy Guisewite funny?!?!  (Probably some feminist bi . . .  oops, just kidding.)  I have nothing against female cartoonists.  On the contrary, one of my newly favorite cartoonists is a young woman named Hilary B. Price.  She draws/writes the nationally syndicated comic strip “Rhymes With Orange”, and I find it extremely clever.  She’s fresh and intelligent, she is relevant to modern society, and she doesn’t pound the same tired joke into the ground . . . for weeks on end . . . like some (ahem!) better known cartoonist previously mentioned.  (One similarity of the two strips is that they’re both drawn simply.)  Most importantly is that Ms. Price seems to have a keen interest in words!  She plays with them, has fun with them.  Also, she’s careful in not making her subject matter political, or controversial.  So, “Rhymes With Orange” can be run in a newspaper that features “Doonesbury”, or in one with that Wrong-Wing Daffy Duck wannabe character!  (I forget his name.)

“Rhymes With Orange”, by Hilary Price — very smart!

Thought for Today:

We are incredibly heedless in the formation of our beliefs, but find ourselves filled with an illicit passion for them when anyone proposes to rob us of their companionship.”   — James Harvey Robinson, American Historian

This is so true.  Most “beliefs” aren’t necessarily a matter of actually believing in something, because usually there is very little – to no – choice in the matter, whatsoever.  Beliefs are traditionally ingrained in us by our parents from a very young age.  Sometimes even before we’re out of the womb!

This quote reminded me of a humorous piece by Time Magazine’s Joel Stein, written about 6 months ago.  He was terribly conflicted over whether he had the right to have his new son circumcised.  He wanted to honor his religious beliefs (and his wife’s wishes), but felt guilty about being responsible for physically removing a part of his son’s anatomy.  I remember thinking what Joel really should be agonizing over is:  does he really have the right to impose the belief system – that was imposed upon him – to his son.  To me, that is a much bigger issue than worrying about keeping, or parting with, a bit of foreskin.

Something as important as one’s beliefs should truly be an issue of free will, and not one of indoctrination.  But, most of us seem perfectly happy in just maintaining that old status quo . . . all in the name of tradition.  We are very strange creatures, we humans.


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