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A response to: The Letter Everyone is Talking About

(I’m not about to reprint the letter.  If you’re reading this you’ve probably already read it.  If not, then feel free to Google: The Letter Everyone is Talking About!)

A lot of things bother me about this letter.  I find it to be very disingenuous.  I also see a lot of not so thinly veiled racism in it.

1.  A lifelong Democrat switching her allegiance to the Republican party in the very year that the Democrats run a Black/African-American Presidential candidate??? (I don’t think I buy the notion that she was supporting a “native son”, or that she was a disgruntled Hillary supporter.)

2.  Leading off this diatribe with the complaint about illegal immigration – any time someone feels they have to state: “I’m not a racist” very often means (not always, mind you) that they are.  (Although, I personally DO believe that there has long been a big problem with illegal immigration in the US.)

3.  Jumping all over ACORN.  The things I’ve read about the ACORN “scandal” point more to individual misdeeds than to any systemic issue/problems.  ACORN has become one the right-wing’s favorite whipping boys, for a quite a while now.

Things that make me doubt the veracity of this letter:

Complaining about “buzzwords” when most of her letter is filled with the currently popular right-wing buzzwords (and phrases):  Czar, states rights, redistribution of wealth, speed-reading (or not reading) bills, politically correct, and we have the best health care system in the world.  What does this tell you about the writer?

It’s pretty clear that she does NOT believe in global warming, and that she is AGAINST real health care reform.

Insinuating that TARP and the Stimulus Bill were all Obama’s ideas, when this whole mess started before the 2008 election took place.  Sure, Obama voted for TARP, so did McCain, and almost everybody else in Congress.  (I personally thought it was a huge mistake, back in October of ’08, and I wrote so on my blog, on more than one occasion.)  But, that was only phase one.  We all knew that phase two would come late winter/early spring of ’09.  How was Obama supposed to renege on what had already been decided?

The general timing of her letter is very questionable.  And why to Glenn Beck?  Of the FOX News network???  They just happened to be the only network to air this?  Just about everything she cites screams of conservatism, and not of someone who was (supposedly) a lifelong Democrat.  Saying that she no longer feels the Republican Party represents her views is just a ruse, in my opinion.  I think the entire letter was carefully crafted to paint the Obama administration, and the so-called Democratic congress * (it’s a very simple majority really), in a very negative light.  These tea-baggers, and health care reform opponents, and congressional bashers (what-have-you) are the furthest thing from being grassroots movements.  They are well funded, and managed, by conservative republican interests.  These highly organized obstructionist tactics are only delaying our economic recovery, and fostering increased divisiveness.  I don’t see how this kind of negativity can be viewed as constructive.

If this letter arrives in your e-mail I suggest deleting it, as opposed to forwarding it.  It’s neither productive, nor healthy.


* (There IS a Democratic majority, but what I should have said was:  Less so a majority, when you discount the Blue Dogs, sellouts and turncoats.)   Sorry.  My head was still with the 110th U.S. Congress!  (Edited 11/23/09)

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 11/20/09

Among individuals as among nations, the respect to other people’s rights is peace.”   — Benito Juarez

(That’s one reason why he is known as Mexico’s greatest and most beloved leader!) —   YUR

(Junior) Jumble Spoiler – 11/20/09

Visual Description:  Sadsack getting the axe.


Clue/Question:  What a pink slip will give you.

Answer:  THE BLUES

(Thanks, guys.  Just what we need.  Yet another reminder of how bad the economy/job market is.  What’s your next puzzle going to be on?  Debtor’s prison?) —   YUR

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