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Tough Cryptoquote Spoiler – 12/18/08

(This one is going to take me a while.)

Respect should be earned by actions, and not acquired by years.” — Source Unknown

(Phew! Thank heavens for “source unknown”, because I was getting nowhere with the quote itself!) YUR

Jumble Spoiler – 12/18/08

Visual Description:  Dispute over boat usage at the pier.


Clue/Question:  When the partners argued over use of their yacht, it turned into . . .

Answer:  A “ROWBOAT

SNL – Paterson Skit

I think that all the offended parties need to take a step back from the political correctness all-you-can-whine buffet, and just chill out. I thought Fred Armisen’s impression of David Paterson was spot on, and the whole thing was hilarious! Especially, when the “Governor” inadvertently interrupted Amy Poehler’s heartfelt farewell address! Priceless! (So, sue me!)

Of course, I knew in an instant that it was going to generate complaints, but I really didn’t expect them to come from David Paterson himself. He has such a reputation for being witty and having a great sense of humor – which is one of the reasons why I like him – that I thought he’d take it more in stride. And, I think that reputation was exactly why SNL decided to go with it. They wouldn’t have made fun of just any blind politician. They thought he’d be cool with it.

Maybe he was under pressure by groups like the American Foundation for the Blind to denounce it. I don’t know. Maybe he just wanted to make sure that it didn’t become a recurring bit, because Armisen’s impression of him was right up their with his Barack Obama, and Darryl Hammond’s Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney. Far better than Bill Hader’s Eliot Spitzer. (Sorry, Bill.)

We all know that David Paterson is a highly intelligent and a gifted politician, who has overcome his disability through courage and determination. His being the first visually impaired, and first African-American governor of New York, who was thrust into the position as a result of sex scandal, has made him a bit of a media novelty. The media covers him far more than they did Spitzer . . . pre-scandal, at least. Considering all of New York’s problems his work ahead of him is a very daunting task. He’s going to have to call upon that sense of humor on a fairly regular basis. A Saturday Night Live skit, at his expense (not at all bind/disabled people’s), should be the least of worries.

Governor Paterson needs to remember these two quotations:

“Imitation is the sincerest of flattery” — Charles Caleb Colton (1780 – 1832)

“There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.” — Bredan Behan (1923 – 1964)

Everyone else should remember that life is too short to bitch and moan about every perceived slight. A totally “PC” world would be a very sad world, indeed.


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