Don’t Buy The Hype! (More Language Games)

The geniuses, who love to parse words, in order to allay your concerns and sway your opinion, are trying real hard to sell us the Wall Street Bail Out Plan as the “Economic Rescue Plan”.  They know that not enough people will buy into the idea of bailing out the corporate fat-cats, who largely are responsible for the situation that we are facing.  So, what DO they do?  Well, they replace “bailout” with a more palatable word.  A more positive word.  A more heroic word.  “Rescue”.

You “bail out” your buddy, when he gets arrested for drunk and disorderly.  You “bail out” your brother-in-law, when he gets picked up in a “John” sting.  Essentially, you “bail out” someone who has done something WRONG.

Firemen come to the “rescue”.  A lifeguard “rescues” the drowning person.  The cavalry, or the Marines, come to the “rescue”.  When there’s a flood, or earthquake, or any natural (or man-made) disaster, those who come to help are called “rescue” workers.  There is nobility in a “rescue”.

But, rescuers are not paid to be judgmental.  When it comes to doling out $700Bil, of tax payers’ money, to prop up mis-managed, failing businesses . . . shouldn’t we expect some judgment?

Now, guys like John McCain are now complaining about Congress’s “inaction”.  Inaction?  They took action, John.  They voted “NO”.  Enough (bi-partisan) congressmen made the assessment that the bill was lacking, and took the necessary action.  If they had the choice between that bill and another bill, and didn’t choose either one, then THAT would be inaction.

And, they keep telling us that “Time is running out!”  “Time is of the essence!”  “We HAVE to get this done!”  Whenever you sign any kind of contract don’t they always advise you to read things . . . carefully, first?  I mean we should ALL know exactlywhat we’re getting ourselves into, right?  Doesn’t it make sense to take a little time . . . in order to get it right?  The first vote gave it a thumbs down, and the world didn’t end.  So, now we’ve been given a little more time.  Hmmm.  It reminds me of those big car sales, where they tell you to: “Buy NOW!”  “Sale Ends September 30th!”  But, now . . . because they weren’t able to sell enough:  “Sale Extended to October 3rd!”

Whenever anybody tries to pressure you in to something, it usually means it’s not going to be in your best interest.  Don’t let them bully us into a bad decision.  WE are the ones paying.


4 Responses to “Don’t Buy The Hype! (More Language Games)”

  1. 1 D.LaB October 3, 2008 at 1:53 am

    The bailout bill, as past so far, will not work and MainStreet will get screwed in the end. This bailout is to help the banks NOT Americans. The banks are holding us hostage! The bankers knew exactly what they were doing when they lent all that money to people/businesses that didn’t qualify and couldn’t pay it back. This whole crisis is “made up” so the banks/bankers can keep all the profits they made over the past 3 years and let the Gov’t cleanup/buy the bad loans. It’s all “made up” like a bad movie. It’s just too bad the media is playing into it and not reporting the truth but instead only reporting what the gov’t is telling them to report.

  2. 2 unclerave October 3, 2008 at 4:00 am

    “It’s just too bad the media is playing into it and not reporting the truth . . .”

    Too funny, D.LaB! Maybe now, people will see what a SHAM our (corporate) media really is. They ALWAYS report what the government TELLS them to report. Why do you think they created FOX News? Their ultra-conservative, simplistic (black or white) format is *designed* to make the traditional networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) *appear* to be impartial. Journalistic integrity? THAT is a thing of the past, my friend.

  3. 3 knitant October 6, 2008 at 4:45 am

    It’s not necessarily a ‘bailout’. As I understand, it is more like an investment.. to purchase the nearly worthless mortgage assets held by these struggling financial companies. In theory, once or IF the value of the mortgages rise to par or above its costs, then the US gov’t will sell the mortgage assets to recoup the $700 billion or whatever the figure will be. Sweden went through a similar crisis, but requested corporations to show the devalued assets in their balance sheets. Eventually the Swedish gov’t recouped its ‘investment’. Hopefully, the US will look toward Sweden as a role model in this financial system fiasco.

  4. 4 unclerave October 8, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    An “investment” with insufficient oversight and accountability. The general idea of the thing isn’t as wrong as the way this plan was designed. Loopholes galore, and the way they “sweetened” the deal just adds MORE to the total cost (OUR cost), will benefit very few of us, and was tantamount to bribery.

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