Sunday Cryptoquote Spoiler – 08/24/08

There is only one quality worse than hardness of heart, and that is softness of head.”   —   Theodore Roosevelt

(I don’t know about “worse”.  I think it’s more like a tie.  I know Teddy was a no nonsense kind of guy.  He was a “sportsman” and a soldier . . . and it was a different time.  If he had lived to see the likes of Hitler, Mao and Stalin he might have been a bigger advocate of balance . . . above brilliance and brutality.)   YUR

P.S.  These Cryptoquote people need to get more clever/cryptic with quotes by certain “authors”.  Certain ones just jump off the page, making solving the quote a little anti-climatic.  They could resort to using occasional nicknames, like The Bard, Papa, The Great Communicator, etc. Or, in the case of certain well known presidents, they could say The Twenty Sixth President (Teddy). In the meantime, I’ll have to try and avert my eyes from the “author”/credit line, and only look at it as a last resort.  Sort of like I do with the cartoon portion of the Jumble.   YUR

P.P.S.  Before anybody concludes that I’m somehow anti-Teddy, I’d like to say that I’m actually a big admirer of the man.  He was a progressive, independent thinker, who believed in conservation and gave us our system of national parks.  And, we sure could use someone with his “trust busting” balls, because we’re living in the new age of Robber Barons.  One could very well argue that it’s worse now than in Teddy’s time!  That being the case, what we really could use is a Teddy Roosevelt . . . on steroids!  Minus the “roid-rage”, of course!   YUR

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