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(Belated) Cryptoquote Spoiler – 08/19/08

Recall it as often as you wish; a happy memory never wears out.”   —   Libbie Fudim 

A thousand pardons to the Uncle Rave regulars, who visit this site faithfully, looking for confirmation of their Cryptoquote/Cryptogram solving skills.  Your uncle was called out of town, yesterday, and the local newspaper he had access to carries only the Jumble, and not the Cryptoquote.  But, your uncle tries to make every effort to get the spoilers up here, in the proper order, without “cheating” by looking at the following day’s paper.  After getting back home, and FINALLY getting to bed, around 3:30 AM, your uncle has NOT been the sharpest drawer in the knife today.  It could very well be that Tuesday’s Cryptoquote was tough for all of you, but your uncle has to attribute much of his difficulty with it to the mental fuzziness that comes with an 8 hour – mainly nighttime – drive, in a rented truck that gets lousy gas mileage, with a co-pilot who’s having urinary track issues (TMI?), and having to sleep – all of 5 hours, mind you – on a too narrow, spring-shot couch.  Your uncle can hardly wait to attempt today’s (Wednesday’s) Jumble and Cryptoquote!  Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.   YUR

P.S. Who the Heck is Libbie Fudim??? 

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