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Sunday Cryptoquote Spoiler

There was never a time when, in my opinion, some way could not be found to prevent the drawing of the sword.”   —   U. S. Grant

but, if powerful men can make a buck by doing so . . .      YUR

Sunday Jumble Spoiler


Visual Description: Testy judge, telling a loud defendant:  Sit down and be quiet.

Clue/Question:  A rowdy defendant can do this to a judge.


Hillary’s Paranoid Delusions – Part II – Post Mortem

For those of you who are familiar with this blog you may remember reading the first part, and part II, of my counter to the Clinton camp’s claim of media bias and sexism, in the Democratic primary.  I never denied that some sexist antics had taken place, but I vehemently disagreed with the assertion that the media was biased against MrsClinton, and favoring Mr Obama.  To me, that was largely a product of the Clinton camp and numerous supporters.

Some readers did not like the titles, because I’m not a psychologist, and I was “labelling” Hillary with an unflattering mental disorder.  To all the true paranoid delusionals out there I apologize.  To Hillary and company I say: I think you got what you deserved.  You guys were playing fast and loose with the emotions of the American (mostly Democrat) electorate, and I knew all along that it was just a ploy, and you didn’t REALLY believe what you were alleging.  If you had actually believed it then “paranoid delusions” would’ve been an apt description, but as it was it was just a calculated gamble from the former front-runner who was desparately trying to play catch up.

I think the following article (follow the link) provides me with a bit of vindication.  It doesn’t delve into my assertion that the Clinton camp (more obviously) played the race card, but it does shine a light on the so-called media bias.

For what it all is worth, at this point, Hillary lost me at “Hello”.  As the front-runner and presumptive nominee she immediately started playing to the center.  She was Bush-Lite.  She was all tough talk about how she wouldn’t meet with leaders of countries who were less than friendly with us, and she insisted on this silly semantics game when it came to explaining why she voted to give President Bush the authority to use military force against Iraq.  She refused to apologize for it, and refused to even acknowledge it as a mistake.  (She was “mislead”)  To me this was a wrong-headed calculation to not alienate those who still thought that there was merit in our invading and occupying Iraq.  It was just more playing to the center.  To those of us who always thought that this war was illegal and immoral, from before Day 1, that kind of fence riding just didn’t fly.  When people started rejecting this type of politicking she soon lost the front-runner status, and the new catch-up role lead to what I, and many others, considered an almost classic Karl Rovian attack campaign, that only further allienated what could’ve (should’ve?) been her base.  I don’t think she’ll be selected as Veep – there was just too much animosity, and the personalities are just too big – but, I do see big things for her . . . hopefully, somewhere in the Obama cabinet.

Your Uncle Rave

Jumble Spoiler Correction!!!

Babies!  Your Uncle Rave was wr . . . (It’s a dirty word, that’s very hard for me to say)  But, yes, I was most definitely wr-r-r-r-o-n-ng-g-g with the answer to Saturday, 5/31/08’s Jumble.  The available letters were CLAEEDBEAFRI, and the clue/question was: What Abraham Lincoln never told.  I posted the answer as: A BEARDFACE LIE, but the correct answer is: A BAREFACED LIE.  A gentleman named Jon has just brought this to my attention.  (See Comments)  He tossed in a little dig, but I’m TRYING to take it as good-natured ribbing!

My sincere and humble apologies, to any who take my answers as gospel.  Uncles can make mistakes, but I will try harder to provide you with accurate spoilers!


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