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Help STOP big media consolidation

Courtesy of CREDO

Dear Friend,

Last year the Federal Communications Commission pushed through new rules that gutted the local “cross-ownership” prohibition. This would mean MORE big conglomerates gobbling up our local papers and TV stations — which is bad for media diversity and bad for our democracy.

However, the Senate has introduced a resolution that will reverse the FCC’s new rules. I’ve just signed a petition to Majority Leader Reid and my senators in support of this resolution, and I hope you will too.

In this very important election year, are we willing to let a handful of companies continue to control what we see, hear and read every day?

I hope you’ll have a look and take action.


Your Uncle Rave . . . says sign it!

Cryptoquote Spoiler

Fame is climbing a greasy pole for ten dollars and ruining trousers worth fifteen dollars.”   —   Josh Billings

(See today’s Jumble Spoiler for lateness excuse.)

Jumble Spoiler


Visual Description:  Big spending souse at the bar.

Clue/Question:  Being loose with money can lead to this.


(I apologize for the lateness of today’s spoilers.  They failed to deliver my paper, and after reporting it undelivered, and asking for a re-delivery, they failed for another 2+ hours . . . forcing me to drive to the supermarket.  Please file all complaints at: 1-888-GANNETT (426-6388), and tell them to stop screwing with Uncle Rave’s delivery!!!)

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