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Indiana Wants Me, but I’m Going To Carolina In My Mind

Are you READY to be MANIPULATED?!?!  Good people of Indiana and North Carolina, the Queen (And Still Champeen) of Pandering is trying to sell you a bill of goods!  I certainly hope you’re not buying her loads and loads of manure.  Because, that’s all it is.  Pure horse hockey! 

She wants you to think she’s just folk.  Showing up to a rally in the back of a pickup truck.  Doing shots and beers at a neighborhood bar.  Talking about how her daddy took her out behind the cottage and taught her how to shoot.  All while trying to convince you that Obama is an elitist . . . but she knows how you feel!  Riii-ight!  I’m just surprised she hasn’t borrowed Bill’s famous “I feel your pain” line.  You have to be able to bite your lower lip, and look sincere to deliver that line.  That’s like asking her to walk and tell the truth at the same time.  She can’t do it.

Heck, she’s not even a convincing Democrat, anymore.  She appeared on FOX News, on the Bill O’Reilly Report no less!  And, did you here what her campaign chairman said following the Pennsylvania primary?  Terry McAuliffe said “Let me congratulate FOX, because you were the first ones to call [the Pennsylvania primary] for Hillary Clinton.”  She even joked that she thought Rush Limbaugh had a crush on her!  She’s playing up to Republicans as she’s trying to convince Democrats to vote for her.  She shouldn’t be lending any credibility to that network.  McAuliffe even called FOX News by their motto: “Fair and Balanced”.  I trust most of you good people know better than that.

She is trying to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge, and she seriously thinks you – middle/working class America – are gullible enough to buy it!  I doubt very much that she has ever walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, because she is NOT even close to being a New Yorker.  She is a carpetbagger.  Some North Carolinians might remember what that is like.  She’s a blatant opportunist, who had much of this planned, from the very day that she announced she was running for senator from New York.  She has long thought that the Democratic party owes her something (everything?) . . . most importantly, the nomination to run as the Democratic presidential candidate.

She thought it would be a cake-walk.  She envisioned a kind of coronation.  Surely, no one would seriously challenge her!  That’s why early on, before the Iowa caucuses, she ran a clean and civil campaign.  Soon after, and in ever increasing intensity, she has gone dark and negative.  And, worse than that (if there can be a worse) she has sunk to the level of pandering for your votes.  She’s playing on your weaknesses and fears.  Her latest is trying to sell you a gas tax break . . . that ALL the experts and economists say won’t work . . . and that she is virtually powerless to deliver!  She thinks that this will both; get your attention (and support), and prove to you that she’s for the common, hard working middle class . . . and against the big, bad oil companies.  Uh-huh!  Sure!

Well, you have the ability – the power – to tell her: Oh, So Sorry!!!  No Sale!  Because you are on to her pathetic, manipulative game . . . and, you’re WAY too smart to buy what she’s selling.  Your vote today can send her packing – her old carpetbag, that is – right back to Chappaqua, New York.  I trust you’ll do what’s right.

Your Uncle Rave. 

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I loathe people who keep dogs.  They are cowards who haven’t the guts to bite people themselves.      August Strindberg

(Spoken like a true cat person.)

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Visual Description:  Guards and warden at a prison cell, where an escape has occurred.

Clue/Question:  What the warden did when the crooked barber escaped.


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