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Cryptoquote Spoiler

My father must have had some elementary education, for he could read and write and keep accounts inaccurately.      George Bernard Shaw

Every son longs to smarter than the old man.  And (usually) thinks he is, anyway.  Your Uncle Rave

Jumble Spoiler


Visual Description:  Two gunfighters getting set to draw.

Clue/Question:  In the Old West, a six-shooter was an . . .


Jumble vs. Cryptoquote

I’m getting a lot more hits on the Jumble than I am the Cryptoquote. I’m guessing that the Jumble is just in a lot more papers, because the Cryptoquote is WAY more challenging. At first, I was very intimidated by the Cryptoquote. I thought: I’m no code cracker! I’ll never be able to do this!

But, then one day . . . with the crossword puzzle and the Jumble completed, and with time on my hands . . . I decided to give it a semi-serious try. I must have picked the right day, and it must have been one of the easier ones, because all of a sudden the thing started to make sense to me. When I finished I was like: Hey, look at me! I solved a Cryptoquote!!!

From that day forward it has become a real passion. Some days it’s pretty much wham bam, thank you ma’am! Other days she’s a real beach! The harder ones are much more satisfying. You feel like you’re smarter than the next guy. You feel like you can do . . .  just about anything.

The Jumble is alright. Every other day there’s one word that might stump me, for a bit. But, with the combination of the cartoon and the Clue/Question I can just about always solve the Answer, and then kind of back into the troublesome word. I think if more of you had access to the Cryptoquote you’d soon see what I’m talking about. The Cryptoquote ROCKS!

Your Uncle Rave

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