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Cryptoquote Spoiler

Trust him not with your secrets who, when left alone in your room, turns over your papers.”   —   Johann Lavater


Jumble Spoiler


Visual Description:  Guys on an assembly line, getting harassed by their boss.

Clue/Question:  The workers described the nasty tycoon as . . .

Answer:  A MAN ofMEANS

Maureen Dowd Just Doesn’t Get It!

On Sunday, April 13, Maureen wrote another Op/Ed piece for The New York Times called “Standing by His Woman”.  She’s been making excuses for Hillary Clinton for some time now, but this one really took the cake.  According to Mo, the reason Hillary is struggling – and losing ground daily in Pennsylvania – is all because of Bill’s super-ego.  He said this, or he said that, yada yada yada.  And, he’s jealous because the Barack phenomenon is bigger than his and Al’s was in ’92.  And, that he fears he’ll – somehow – go down in history as a minor president if Hillary doesn’t become president.  He’s trying SO hard that he’s just making matters worse.  Poppycock! 

The real reason you’re hearing the sound of sucking wind, from her campaign, is because she has lost too much credibility, and just about anything she says, or does, now just makes her look that much more desperate.  It started with her cheap 3 AM scare tactic commercial.  It continued with her – repeated – *sniper* fire stories.  But then, her jumping on Barack for his *clinging* comment was pure pandering, and just like another trick out of the Karl Rove handbook.  (Fortunately, many in PA and IN are seeing right through that guff.)   Her heartfelt recollection of her dad teaching her how to shoot, when she was just a little girl, was so pathetic that it probably became her Michael Dukakis moment.  And then, her trying to common-man it up in that bar in Indiana, doing shots n’ beers???  Lame, lame, and lame.

Ol’ Bubba may be contributing some to Hillary’s waning popularity, but it looks – to most objective folk – that she’s doing a pretty bang-up job . . . all on her own.

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