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“The wonderful thing about a theory is that any fool can propose one.”      Gary B. Wright

(Is this the guy who wrote/sang “Dream Weaver”?)

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Visual Description:  Salesman hawking a compact fluorescent bulb to a man and woman, stating “More wattage and less cost”

Clue/Question:  What the couple got in the lighting store.


“The Boss” Backs Ba-rock!

Bruce Springsteen is throwing his support to Barack Obama.  Not exactly a HUGE surprise, but I suppose he could’ve endorsed Hillary.  This should play better with the Boomers than with the *kids*, but Bruce does have a fairly wide fan-base.  He has always been a champion of/for the common man.  His roots are blue-collar, and he’s never lost sight that, though he has a much broader appeal.

His support of John Kerry, in 2004, was not enough to do the trick.  But then again, Bush was playing that whole: Don’t change horses in mid-stream crapola, due to us only being a year or so into the Iraq occupation. (now we’re +5!)  That and a heavy dose of – that old Republican favorite – The Fear Card!  AND, a lot of right thinking (not politically, mind you) people felt that Ol’ George stole THAT election as well! (Ohio voting machines and assorted polling place irregularities)

And, let’s not forget the other thing . . . it was John Kerry.  Yet another silver-spooned, Yale educated, Skull and Bones elitist.  His wife was way too opinionated for most, and richer than GOD.  He bore a striking resemblance to Fred Munster, and had all the personality of a wet dish rag.  At least this time we’ve got an athletic, charismatic guy who’s comfortable in his own skin, and knows how to grab and hold an audience.

But, check out Bruce’s letter on his official website and read for yourself.  It’s short and to the point.  Just like a directive from your Uncle Rave!  Enjoy! 

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