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“A belief which leaves no place for doubt is not a belief; it is a superstition.”   —   Jose Bergamin

(Oooh!  Don’t tell this to the *religiuos right*!)

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Visual Description: A ballerina doing a pirouette for another dancer.

Clue/Question: When the ballet star helped her dancemate, she did a . . .

Answer:  GOOD “TURN”

My Favorite “Loose Cannon”

If you’ve ever read my “What it is!” section you’d know that besides being a proud LIBERAL, I also have some Libertarian leanings.  In no small part, this is due to THE gentleman from Texas, named Ron Paul.  Unless you’re one of those C-SPAN junkies, you likely missed this this week.  It’s NOT the kind of thing that the mainstream (corporate) media gave ANY attention to.

On April the 9th, at the Report to Congress on the Situation in Iraq by General Commander David H Petraeus, Representative Paul did not mince words, in making his statement, that contained some of the best thought out questions and observations that could possibly have been made, on the subject at hand.  Ron Paul knew that he would not really get any answers to his questions, but he just wanted them to be part of the record.  General Petraeus looked a combination of stunned and peeved, and he said that he couldn’t answer the (main) question.  And, Ambassador Ryan Crocker did his best impression of Porky Pig, in parroting General Petraeus’s non-response.


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